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Sportwing, 2 Bike, RV Mount 1-1/4
Sportwing Bike Carrier

Sportwing, 2 Bike, RV Mount 1-1/4"-2"

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Reese Sportwing Bike Carrier
Part Number: 923200
Availability: Out of Stock
Feature: 42899580126
Feature: Reese
Feature: Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Exterior > Motor Vehicle Carrying Racks > Vehicle Bicycle Racks
Feature: RV Bike Carrier
Feature 5 9.49
This carrier is the ultimate solution to carrying the most extreme bike frames. The adjustable support cradles the bike by the wheels and provide instant adjustability for any length of bike. Lightweight aluminum support arms. Quick release cradle and wheel straps. Removable support arms for compact storage. Easy to assemble.

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