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TireMinder® Tire Pressure Monitoring System
RV monitor

TireMinder® Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Improve gas mileage, safety, and tire life with the TireMinder® tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)! Constantly monitor the exact tire pressure, as well as the temperature of each individual tire on your vehicle. The digital, numerical read-out can monitor up to 22 tires! When an abnormality in tire pressure occurs, the TireMinder® TPMS will issue an alert. When a loss of as little as 3 psi occurs, in less than 3 minutes AUDIBLE and RED LIGHT alerts are issued instantly. The TireMinder® TPMS receiver digitally identifies the exact tire pressure (0-145 psi), temperature and tire location. If multiple tires exhibit abnormalities, all relevant positions will flash. If the tire temperature of any specific tire reaches 167-degrees F (75C), an AUDIBLE alarm and RED LIGHT warning is activated. Built in, system-wide low battery warnings. The TireMinder® TPMS monitor will operate up to 30 days on single charge. TireMinder® wireless transmitters may be mounted at any tire location. Each wireless transmitters includes a lithium battery that last for up 12 months and are easily replaced (4 extra batteries are included in the basic kit). To monitor tires beyond the 60' transmission range (or if signal is lost due to electronic interference), two models of Signal Boosters are available. The 92-0402 is wired into your vehicle's power, while the 92-0403 runs on 4 "AAA" batteries (ideal for large motorhomes). Basic Kit includes: four (4) screw-on wireless transmitters, with locking mechanisms, eight (8) CR1632 lithium batteries, 2” x 3.25” monitor/receiver with built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 12-volt car charger and a sturdy adjustable mounting bracket.

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