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Topwind Tubular Swivel Jack, 2,000 lb. 15" Travel

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Topwind Tubular Swivel Jack, 2,000 lb. 15" Travel
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Sway Proâ„¢ WD Hitch, 1500 lb., w/o Shank Sway Pro utilizes the latest in Weight Distributing technology to be the most user-friendly hitches on the market today. Minimizes trailer sway under heavy loads, high winds, and rutted roads using 4 points of adjustment-just set the amount of control you require for your individual cargo or driving conditions. Automatic latching tongue bracket is much easier to operate than traditional methods. The bracket lock automatically secures into place and releases with a simple push of a lock pin. With just one look at the Sway Pro, you can see our commitment to quality and durability. Easy hook up and disconnect. Built-in sway control. Snap in spring bar design. Cannot fall out. Four separate points of adjustable contact to control trailer sway. Powder coat finish wont chip, rust, or corrode. Easy to operate bracket lock that automatically secures the tongue bracket into place and just as easily releases it with the simple push of a lock pin. Simple precise weight distribution adjustment. Tongue brackets utilize sway control loops which limit side-to-side trailer sway, but still provide for free movement during turns. Available for three tongue weights: 550 lbs., 750 lbs., and 1000 lbs.

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