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Two Stage Auto Changeover Regulator Bulk
Two Stage Auto Changeover Regulator Bulk

Two Stage Auto Changeover Regulator Bulk

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Two Stage Auto Changeover Regulator Bulk
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Automatic Changeover RV LP Regulator

Rv Regulator automatic changeover switches from an empty service cylinder to the full reserve cylinder, ensuring continuous gas flow. The automatic changeover RV lp regulator has highly visible full and empty indicator signals to notify when you are in need of a refill. The built in check valve allows empty cylinder removal and refill as the reserve cylinder remains operational. It features an adjustable pressure setting as well as a built in excess flow device to ensure protection with all hose connections.

The automatic changeover RV lp regulator limits the gas flow in the event of hose rupture or accidental disconnection. It limits environmental propane release in case of regulator malfunction to a value less than two psi, significantly lower than that mandated by UL standard 144. This product includes a mounting bracket for easy installation and RVIA required plastic cap cover.

RV Propane Safety

Many changes have taken place in RV Propane connections over the last five years.  It is important to understand the new safety features and how they work together to afford maximum protection and convenience.  The new Type I, ACME connection and its ability to shut off the flow in a fire situation is one of those improvements. Cylinders and tanks with the OPD valve to help prevent over filling is another improvement. You will love the safety and convenience these products bring to your RVing experience. However, please note that any installations and work on your RV Propane system should always be performed by someone knowledgeable and qualified to do such work. 

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