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MaxxAir Vent Cover Black
MaxxAir Vent Cover Black

MaxxAir Vent Cover Black

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Roof Vent Cover
Part Number: 312163
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Now you can enjoy twice as much vent area as your original vent cover! Exclusive side louvers give you the most cross ventilation of any vent cover on the market! Solid one-piece, sleek aerodynamic design. Includes hinged hardware for easy opening and cleaning - no tools required. Mounts to the same holes as the standard MaxxAir vent cover. 6 year warranty. 1/box.
Maxx Air II Vent Covers now give more vent area than any other vent cover!

Check out the new Maxx Air II. This is the most advanced ever. featuring more vent area – double the original – and exclusive easy to open hinged brackets. You cannot buy a better vent cover - and it's available in the same popular colors as Maxx Air's original vent cover.

Maxx Air II's important features include:

  1. Twice as much vent area as our original vent cover
  2. Hinged hardware included for easy opening and cleaning – No Tools Required
  3. Solid one-piece, sleek aerodynamic design
  4. Lets in Fresh Air Anytime... Rain or Shine!
  5. Stale Musty Air, Smoke, and Cooking Odors Escape While Rain Stays Out
  6. Prevents Heat Build-up
  7. Available in Translucent White, Smoke Tint, Shellwhite (Almond), Black, Silver & Champage.
  8. Made of High Density Polyethylene with maximum UV Protection.
  9. Not recommended for use with high-powered ventilators
  10. Fits Over Most 14" x 14" Standard Roof Vents
  11. Installs easily! 
  12. 6-year warranty, best in the industry

Maxx Air Vent Covers allows you to get a breath of fresh air even if it is Raining!


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