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Vent w\ Reverse
Vent w\ Reverse

Vent w\ Reverse

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Roof Vent; Fan-Tastic Vent; Manual Opening; For 14 Inch x 14 Inch
Part Number: 311924
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Feature 5 9.49
Exchanges the air in your recreational or commercial vehicle in minutes. Designed for maximum air flow efficiency. Cooking smoke and unpleasant aromas are whisked away in seconds. Polycarbonate dome with a lifetime guarantee opens manually. Powerful 12", 10 blade rotary fan works with open doors or windows to create a balanced air flow. Lightweight, compact, bug resistant, durable and seals tight when not in use. Motor operates at 3 speeds for selected performance levels. Installs in minutes and fits the existing opening provided by most recreational vehicle manufacturers. Fits 14" x 14" roof openings. 16-1/2"L x 16-1/2"W x 14-1/2" D. 2 year warranty. 1 per box. We offer the best so you worry less with higher quality and better performance that outlast all other brands. We carry all the accessories and hardware needed to make installation easier and more productive.

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