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Water Filter
Water Filter

Water Filter

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Part Number: 882008- Mfr # C2471
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Remembering which filter to use has never been easier! Simply look for the Starburst Number on your filter and match it to the package number.

Features KDF® and activatedcarbon. KDF is made of a high purity copper/zinc alloy that creates an electro-chemical oxidation-reduction that neutralizes harmful contaminates including bacteria. When combined with activated carbon it removes or greatly reduces chlorine, heavy metals like mercury, VOC, chemicals, sediment, lime/scale buildup and that hydrogen sulfide that causes a rotten egg smell. Without bacteria present in your water, you’ll experience greater performance and longevity from your filter and some of the best tasting water you’ve ever had!
Virtually eliminate sediment with a one micron absolute filtration system. Reduces cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia and chlorine by 99%. Rated for 10,000 gallons. Exact replacement for many OEM applications. Fits most 10" filter housings. Starburst #5. Priced each.

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