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Winegard Rayzar Mobile Indoor RV Antenna
Winegard Rayzar Mobile Indoor RV Antenna

Winegard Rayzar Mobile Indoor RV Antenna

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Winegard Rayzar Mobile Indoor RV Antenna
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Winegard is once again revolutionizing the way you receive local broadcast TV. Weighing a mere .34 lbs, the Rayzar is no lightweight in performance. This ultra-thin indoor antenna delivers all the best local broadcast programming in crisp, clear HD, with no monthly programming fees! No assembly or permanent installation is required. Simply hang it up or lay it flat wherever signal is the strongest and you’ll be watching TV in minutes. Includes 2 suction cups and a 15’ mini coax cable to allow for a variety of mounting options. Translucent design allows light to pass through when placed in the window. 90 day limited warranty. Measures 12” x 13”. 0-25 mile range. U.S. Patent D656,131. Made in the USA. Mfr. Number: RV-RZ50 The new ultra-thin, translucent indoor HDTV antenna from Winegard will change the way local broadcast TV is received. Designed for the mobile lifestyle, the antenna is only 13" x 12" x .6" thick, and it's almost invisible hanging on a wall or window or lying flat on or beside the TV. The Winegard Rayzar antenna uses highly-conductive, real silver elements for maximum signal reception and transfer. The antenna includes 15' Mini 59 coaxial cable and two suction cup clips, and can receive over-the-air stations up to 25 miles away enabling programming in HDTV and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, if the local stations transmit it, without having to pay expensive monthly bills. Made in the U.S.A.

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