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XC Extra Capacity Combo Washer-Dryer, Vented White,  WD2100XC
XC Extra Capacity Combo Washer-Dryer, Vented White, WD2100XC

XC Extra Capacity Combo Washer-Dryer, Vented White, WD2100XC

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RV Washer and Dryer Splendide Combo
Part Number: 728490
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RV WASHER/DRYER SPLENDIDE - EXTRA CAPACITY - VENTED - WHITE When on your next extended RV trip you don't wanna have to worry with packing all your clothes, when you can wash them on the way. Check out our LARGE selection of RV washer and dryers by Splendide. Our 2-in-1 combo unit offers you the comfort of home with a compact, easy to use unit with easy to view LED displays and energy star labeling fto help save energy and water. Enhance your traveling lifestyle with this great combination washer & dryer laundry center. Say good bye to Laundromats. SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Drying Method Vented SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Cabinet Dimensions 33-1/8"H 23-1/2"W 22-5/8"D SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Drum Capacity 1.5 cu. ft. Water Usage 7.5-16 gal/load SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Shipping Weight 148 lbs. Splendide WD2100XC / XCP Dimensions: 33 1/8”H x 23 1/2”W x 22 5/8”D Drying system: Vented Electrical: 120V / 60Hz/11amp Weight: 148 lbs. Max. spin: 1200 rpm 10 wash / 3 dry Max. wash capacity: 15 lbs. Max. dry capacity: 11 lbs. Super-silent technology Automatic water level control ‘Add-an-Item’ feature Load balancing system Self-cleaning pump Built-in self diagnostics Adjustable water temp. Silk and Wool cycles Pre Wash, Extra rinse, Low spin Low heat Bleach option Washing performance class: A Energy efficiency class: A Wash water use: 7.5 to 16 gal/cycle Maximum Performance. Minimum Consumption. Splendide’s new washers are among the most energy and water efficient washing machines available. So, you’ll not only be getting outstanding wash and dry results, but you will also be conserving precious resources in your RV - energy and water. SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Easy to use. Load your wash and set the controls with ease - Splendide’s controls are redesigned and their new doors are even bigger - now up to 11.5” wide. Status Indicator LED’s clearly display cycle progress as Splendide’s washer-dryers go from wash to dry automatically SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC As soothing as a lullaby. ‘Super Silent’ means being able to spend time in your RV without being disturbed. So you can have the washing machine on whenever you want, even while asleep. This is possible thanks to special sound-absorbing materials, and a new tri-phase motor designed to achieve an outstanding dynamic performance with no noisy mechanical interference. SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Built RV tough. Splendide washer-dryers not only offer the space, weight and energy savings that are so important in RV’s, but they are built tough to withstand the rigors of the road. Splendide washers are equipped with heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers, stainless steel drums and reinforced cases for a long traveling life. SPLENDIDE RV WASHER/DRYER WD2100XC Extra Capacity. Splendide washer-dryers offer class-leading load size capabilities. Equipped with a redesigned X-tra Capacity drum, Splendide’s new XC combo line is able to wash and dry bigger loads than ever before As caring as you are. Splendide’s new washing machines feature electronic control modules which mean they are able to process the quantity and type of wash and decide the right combination of water, temperature and spin speed with a high level of precision to offer you a better performance and great results - whiter whites, brighter colors. Vent Kit: The vent kit includes everything that you need for quick, easy vent installation. The kit includes a 4" louver vent flap and bracket, a 4" tail piece and a 4" inside round collar. The vent flap has curved paintable, UV protected louvers. The vent opens easily for maximum exhaust flow. Also included is 2' of metal flex duct and 2 worm drive screw clamps make tight duct connections easy. Please note: the vent Kit is sold a separate part number but is required for a complete installation. (Part # 728426) Drain-a-way Pan: An optional ( Not included in base unit) drain a-way pan provides you with the extra assurance of having a plumbed drain pan under your unit. It includes a removable face for use under built-in machines. It is 22" square and comes ready to be plumbed. (Part # 724873)

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