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Baggage Door Catch White
White RV Baggage Door Catch

Baggage Door Catch White

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Baggage Door Catch White
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Feature: Baggage Door Catch
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Baggage Door Catches, White

Compartment Door Hold-open Catches - Keeps your baggage compartment open while loading or unloading. Plastic square-shaped catches mount on your RV. Includes screws. 1 year warranty. 1/clam shell.
These spring-loaded baggage door catches are attached to the side of your RV with screws. They can then be opened and will clip an access panel (or even the cabin entry door) open. They are a great to use when you need to fix anything on the outside of your RV that's covered by a panel that hinges upwards or sideways.
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Door Catches, White


Door Catches, Beige


Door Catches, Gray


Door Catches, Stainless Steel

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