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Boomerang Antenna,  3-1/2
Boomerang Antenna, 3-1/2' high

Boomerang Antenna, 3-1/2" high

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Antenna Boomerang
Part Number: 221161
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Feature: Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Antennas > TV Antennas
Feature: RV Satellites
Feature 5 9.49

Boomerang Antenna
Superwing design gives you 100 mile range. Use it with color or black and white TV, VHF or UHF. 3-1/2" high. Permanent or magnetic mounting.

Detailed Description:

Exclusive to the 717, the combo mount allows anyone to mount the Boomerang either as a magnet mount or permanent mount.  If you're looking for a Boomerang that allows you the most choices in mounts, look no farther than the 717.  This Boomerang can be converted to permanent mount by removing the magnet. 

  • Includes 14' cable
  • Hardware  
  • Instructions

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