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Putty Tape, 3/16
Putty Tape

Putty Tape, 3/16" x 1" x 20' Roll

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Putty Tape, 3/16" x 1" x 20' Roll
Non-hardening, pliable gray mastic putty tape. Use on moldings, windows, doors and vents. Waterproofs overlapping metal seams.
RV putty tape is great if you have a Motor Home, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or other RV, this putty tape will work for you. This product seals RV hatches and RV vents-RV Putty Tape is indispensable when installing new vents, moldings, hatches, windows or exterior doors on an RV.  The putty tape is placed on the RV where the new item will be screwed down to the RV. The putty tape sticks to the RV so that it can be aligned properly. The new vent, molding, etc is placed on top of the putty tape and then screwed down.  As the screws are tightened, the putty tape is shaped to form a perfect seal and waterproofs the overlapping metal seams.  Installation is simple and in many cases the putty tape is the best way to insure a long lasting water tight seal.
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