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Winegard TRAV'LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna
Winegard TRAV'LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

Winegard TRAV'LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

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Satellite TV Antenna
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Winegard TRAV'LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

Enjoy satellite programming as easily as at home, with no compromises in convenience or performance.

The Winegard® TRAV’LER™ DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna can view up to three satellites at the same time, giving RVers the same advantages of the latest home satellite systems with no extra switches, HD converters or other accessories.

Product Features:

  • One-button operation means no more toggling between satellites to receive the programming you want.

  • The TRAV’LER™ antenna lets RVers watch separate programs from different satellites at the same time from one antenna, just like at home.

  • The completely re-engineered mechanical platform allows a rigid mount that withstands strong winds, providing a stable base for uninterrupted signal acquisition.

  • Folds and stows at less than 10"H--significantly lower than 12" to 15"H domes.

Unlike dome antennas, the TRAV’LER™ antenna features approved, certified DISH Network® and DIRECTV® reflector antennas, so they offer the highest gain for maximum signal strength. The TRAV’LER™ antenna works on any RV. It is compatible with all receivers, including DVRs, and support multiple receivers. For stationary viewing only.

DISH Network's® premier reflector used for home systems. Equipped with a 3 LNB to receive all DISH 500® and DISH 1000® programming, HD and non-HD. Simultaneously views all 3 KU band (110º, 119º and 129º) satellites at the same time! DISH 1000® programming only available in DISH Network® recommended areas. Contact DISH Network® for coverage area. No add-on accessories are needed, other than an HD Ready TV and HD Receiver with programming.

Watch our product demonstration video below on YouTube!

Manufactured by: Winegard

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