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Marinco Easy Lock - Standard Inlet - 30 Amp
Outdoor/ Indoor Receptacle

Marinco Easy Lock - Standard Inlet - 30 Amp

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Receptacle; Outdoor/ Indoor Use; 125 Volt/ 30 Amp Power
Part Number: 190423
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Easy Lock Inlets - Contoured and Standard
Standard - 30 Amp, 125/250V
Exclusive Easy Lock™ System has been designed to make hook-up quick and easy.
How It Works: Just connect the cordset (with an Easy Lock™ locking ring installed) to the inlet and turn the locking ring less than a quarter of a turn. The tabs on the locking ring lock into the inlet for a positive watertight hook-up while eliminating any chance of cross threading.
The Locking Ring Features:
  • Lock locators positioned at 180* to improve finger grip during attachment.
  • Inlets have a threaded boss that will accept threaded cordsets as well.
  • Contoured inlet features a waterproof, Soft Touch cap design and stainless steel trim.
  • Hinge is designed to stay open in the upright position during hook-up. A “soft touch” allows it to close.
  • 8-way right angle rear safety closure.

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