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Norcold RV N510  Refrigerator, 2-Way, AC/LPG
Norcold RV N510 Refrigerator, 2-Way, AC/LPG

Norcold RV N510 Refrigerator, 2-Way, AC/LPG

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RV N510/N410 Refrigerator
Part Number: 72.4887
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Feature: Norcold RV Refrigerator
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N510 Gas/Electric Refrigerator by NORCOLD
5.5 Cubic Feet, 2-Way, AC/LPG     
Largest capacity - 5.5 cubic feet - in its class! This modest RV refrigerator is Gas/110V electric. Generous one-gallon container shelf storage, 2-liter bottle and 1/2-gallon door bin storage. Convenient eye-level controls and adjustable thermostat.  Includes adjustable, removable door bins and easy to clean, durable white, powder-coated shelves. Features automatic change over between gas and electric, built-in control diagnostics and frost-limiting feature. Gas units include automatic ignition. We make installation easy. 
The two way model is powered by 120V AC and LP gas. Draws 2.0 amps at 12O volt AC. The weight is 84 lbs.
Cut out dimensions are:  42 5/16" H x 23 11/16" W x 24" D.
Refrigerator Conversion Chart:
To check which Norcold can be used to replace or upgrade your existing unit, go to www.thetford.com
(go to the customer support at the top of the page and click on the Product Conversion Charts. This will bring up the Refrigerator Conversion Chart). Find your existing model and cut out  dimensions and the replacement chart will give Norcold's replacement recommendation and cut out dimensions.
Also available in the N510/N410 Series:
*724878 - 2-Way, Left Opening
*724879 - 2-Way, Right Opening

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