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Marinco Power Cord PLUS Adapter - 30 Amp
Power Cord Adapter

Marinco Power Cord PLUS Adapter - 30 Amp

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Power Cord Adapter; For Providing 30 Amps To RV From 15 Amp Standard Power Outlets
Part Number: 190430
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Power Cord PLUS Adapters - 30 Amp
A 30Amp adapter with all the features you need! When the LED power indicator light glows red, you know you have power! Contour grip ends are molded to fit the contour of your hand. Thumbprint locator identifies ground blade location for easy connection.
  • 15A 125V plug with ground blade locking screw and 30A 125V locking connector with sealing ring and collar.
  • Super flexible 6/4 cable and easy lock system.
  • High quality marine grade construction and watertight molded plug and connector ends.
  • Includes threaded ring and Easy Lock ring.
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