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Roof Vent Lift & Light
Roof Vent Lift & Light

Roof Vent Lift & Light

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Roof Vent; Remote Control Powered Opening; For 14 Inch X 14 Inch; With Screen
Part Number: 69-9158
Availability: Out of Stock
Feature: 811878012145
Feature 5 9.49
Complete 12V roof vent includes a powered lid, light, and fan all controlled by a three button wall switch. The interior features a deep drawn off-white plastic base, white screen and white garnish. Fits roofs 1" to 2-9/16". Features radius corners, positive-seal weatherstripping, self-centering device for perfect alignment, mesh screen and an acrylic UV resistant translucent lid. We offer the best so you worry less with higher quality and better performance that outlast all other brands. We carry all the accessories and hardware needed to make installation easier and more productive.
Made by: Hong's

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