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Rv Awning Roller
Awning Roller

Rv Awning Roller

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Awning Roller
Part Number: 258535
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Feature: 14717420037
Feature: Camco
Feature: Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Hardware Tape > Teflon Tape
Feature: Awnings Tapes
Feature 5 9.49
Rv Awning Roller by CAMCORV
Manufacturer's Number: 42003
The Rv roller mounts directly onto door. This protects your Rv awnings from damage caused when doors open and close. Zinc-plated housing. Permanent mount. These convient roller mounts offer durblity and better performance that outlast other brands. We offer the best so you worry less with higher quality and more functioning. When on your next RV camping trip don't worry with all the little things when we offer all the RV accessories you need to make your trip more enjoyable.

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