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Rv Awning Straps
Rv Awning Straps

Rv Awning Straps

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Rv Awning Straps
Part Number: 258877
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Feature: 14717425032
Feature: Camco
Feature: Hardware > Hardware Accessories
Feature: Awning Hardware
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Rv Awning Arm Straps by CAMCO 
12" Velcro
Manufacturer's Number: 42503
You can replace your worn or lost Rv awning straps with these 12" Velcro® straps. Straps have pull-through buckles. Straps are for use on awning arms, but they can be used for securing all sorts of items around your RV.  2 per pack. We offer all that you need in RV Awning accessories that offer higher quality and better performance. We also carry a LARGE selection of Awning hardware that helps make installation easier and more functional.

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