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RV Barker Refrigerator Roof Vent Base
RV Refrigerator Vent Base -Colonial White

RV Barker Refrigerator Roof Vent Base

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RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Base
Part Number: 69-8456
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Feature: 755220126053
Feature: Barker
Feature: Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliance Accessories > Refrigerator Accessories
Feature: RV Refrigerator Vent
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RV refrigerator roof vent base mounts on the top of your motor home, fifth wheel or trailer to provide venting for your RV Refrigerator.

Plastic vent has 4-1/2” x 18’ opening

White pre-finished metal is durable and functional. 5” x 24” opening.

White Plastic Universal fit cover for Norcold or Dometic bases.

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