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RV Camco Hybrid Heat Water Heater
Hybrid Heat Water Heater 10 Gallon

RV Camco Hybrid Heat Water Heater

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RV Hybrid Water Heater 6 gal
Part Number: 09-0576
Availability: For Sale
Feature: 14717117739
Feature: Camcorv
Feature: Home & Garden > Household Appliances > Water Heaters
Feature: 10 Gallon Hybrid Heat Water Heater
Feature 5 9.49

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CamcoRV Hybrid Heat Water Heaters
Convert your 6 or 10 gallon gas water heater to 120V electric on demand. High-quality stainless steel heating cartridge conserves propane.
  • ON/OFF power switch with mounting bracket
  • Fully ajustable thermostat
  • Power cords
  • Wiring assemblies
  • Temperatures ranging from 90º to 150º F. Factory preset to 120º F

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