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Rv Camco Stove Topper
Rv Camco Stove Topper

Rv Camco Stove Topper

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Rv stove topper almond
Part Number: 07-0289
Availability: Out of Stock
Feature: 14717437097
Feature: Camcorv
Feature: Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Ranges
Feature: Stove top Cover
Feature 5 9.49
Stop stove top rattle!!! These are ideal for slicing or carving and provide much needed extra counter space in your RV kitchen. They sit directly on stovetop grates or over an existing stove cover. Stays firmly in place with non-skid backing. Made of durable polyethylene-cleans easily with soap and water. 17" x 19-1/2" x 1/2".  
Available Colors:


Almond Stove Topper


White Stove Topper


Black Stove Topper


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