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RV Mr. Heater Portable Gas Heater-Big Buddy
RV Mr. Heater Portable Gas Heater-Big Buddy

RV Mr. Heater Portable Gas Heater-Big Buddy

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RV Mr. Heater, Portable Big Buddy Gas Heater - Safe Indoors
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Big Buddy Propane Heater by Mr. Heater

You can now take portable heat to another level with the Big Buddy heater and it's multi-position heat settings of 4,000, 9,000 and 18,000 BTU/HR. BIG Buddy's Dual-Heating System (DHS) combines radiant heat comfort with convection heat airflow for maximum heating efficiency.

Indoor safe operation is ensured with the built-in oxygen shutoff sensor and tip-over switch (adequate ventilation must be provided; see operating instructions).

Uses either one or two 1 lb. cylinders (direct attachment) or can be connected to one or two 20 lb. propane cylinders (20 lb. cylinder must remain outdoors.) with optional hoses (order below).

Mr. Heater's Big Buddy Indoor Safe Portable Heater features a low oxygen safety shutoff pilot to provide safe, reliable propane heat indoors.Certified by CSA International (American Gas Association).

Special Features Include:

  • Low Oxygen Shutoff Pilot Safety System For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Blower Fan Power On/Off Switch
  • Uses optional A/C Adapter Or 4 D-Cell Batteries To Power Blower Fan
  • Large 4-Position Heat Level Control Knob With Built-In Piezo Starter
  • Integrated Hot Air Blower Venting System
  • Attached Swing-Open Doors with Swivel-Out Mount For Easy Cylinder Installation
  • Porcelain Coated Reflector For Extended Life
  • Dual Ceramic Burner Tiles With Shock Absorbing Floating Insulation
  • High-Temperature Coated Safety Wire Guard
  • Non-Skid Surface Pads For Extra Stability
  • Key Shaped Rear Mounting Holes For Wall Mounting
  • Built-In Tip Over Shutoff Switch
  • Ergonomic Easy-Carry Handle
  • CSA Certified For Indoor & Outdoor Use


  • 4,000/9,000/18,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Gas: Propane
  • Operating Position: Vertical
  • Valve Position: Pilot, Lo, Med. & Hi
  • Heating Time:
    One 1lb. Cylinder: 1.5 to 6 hour
    Two 1lb. Cylinders: 3 to 12 hours
    One 20lb. Cylinder: 25 to 110 hours
    Two 20lb. Cylinders: 50 to 220 hours
  • Overall dimensions: 17”L X 10”W X 17.5”H
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs.

Safety Note: Any fuel burning ventless appliance needs adequate air exchange to replenish Oxygen and remove products of combustion. Standards require at least a 1 square inch fresh air opening for every 1000 BTUs of propane used by any appliance. Replacement air (oxygen) is provided best by two vents, one low on an outside wall and the other high on another outside wall.

California Exception:This item is approved for outside use only due to state regulations

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