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Rv Refrigerator,Norcold 6.3 Cubic Ft N600 Gas Absorption  3-Way
Norcold RV Refrigerator N641.3R Gas Absorption

Rv Refrigerator,Norcold 6.3 Cubic Ft N600 Gas Absorption 3-Way

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Rv Refrigerator,Norcold 6.3 Cubic Ft N600 Gas Absorption 3-Way
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N600 Gas Absorption RV Refrigerator by NORCOLD
6.3 Cubic Feet, 3-Way
Upgrade to the largest storage space in the 6-foot class - a big 6.3 cu. ft.! Flush mount RV refrigerators lead the field in being roomy, convenient and user friendly. Keep your refreshments cold with our HUGE selection of RV refrigerators by Norcold. We offer a variety of syles and colors to accent your RV and your RV refrigerator. Reversible doors, convenient eye level LCD controls, and an energy efficient alarm to let you know if the door is open, all allow you the comfort of knowing you can save money while enjoying your RV trip. Don't forget to order the opitional icemaker, nothing better than keeping those drinks on ice.
 Features Include:
  • One-piece interior, eliminating seams for ease of cleaning
  • Great hinge and door support because of its perimeter frame with cross member A-frame design
  • Tighter tolerances on door alignment and less door flex under load with the 3-point hinge attachment
  • Two seven-segment LEDs are easy to read
  • Two letter diagnostic codes are even easier to understand
  • Clearly displayed error codes that only appear when active
  • Convenient, exclusive eye-level LCD controls with built-in diagnostics
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to respond to ambient temperature swings
  • Thermostat backup system
  • Reversible doors open 180°, have travel/storage latch
  • Optional Icemaker w/bucket available
  • Includes three white powder-coated shelves and three door bins that are adjustable and removable, one gallon container shelf storage and two crispers
  • Energy efficient alarm informs you when the door is ajar and a light that turns off after two minutes when the door is left ajar
Cut-out dimensions of the N641 are 52-7/8"H x 23-1/2"W x 24"D.
Attention:This unit operates on LP Gas on 110V AC, however a 12V power source is required for the control system. Refrigerator cannot be shipped UPS.
Refrigerator Conversion Chart:
To check which Norcold can be used to replace or upgrade your existing unit, go to www.thetford.com
(go to the customer support at the top of the page and click on the Product Conversion Charts. This will bring up the Refrigerator Conversion Chart). Find your existing model and cut out  dimensions and the replacement chart will give Norcold's replacement recommendation and cut out dimensions.
Attention: All door panels are black and sold separately
Door Panels:
*729001 - Lower Panel, Black
*729002 - Upper Panel, Black
Also available in the N600 Series:
*724850 - 2-Way Refrigerator
*724851 - 2-Way w/Icemaker Refrigerator

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