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Rv Slide-Out Supports, 24
Rv Slide-Out Supports, 24'-30'

Rv Slide-Out Supports, 24"-30"

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Rv Slide-Out Supports
Part Number: N940808
Availability: Not for Sale
Feature: 7.67774E+11
Feature: Stromberg Carlson
Feature: Hardware > Tools > Hoisting > Jack Lifts
Feature: RV Jacks and Levelers > Slide Out Supports
Feature 5 9.49
Enjoy more stability in your slide-out with these quick adjusting, sturdy Rv supports. Will stabilize and support over 10,000 lbs. and adjust from 20"-34". Innovative rubber grommet is inserted in the base tube to stabilize the screw at maximum extension. Steel powder coated tube and zinc plated screw assembly. 2/box.

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