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 Rv Stabilizing Jack Power Twin II 22
Rv Stabilizing Jack Power Twin II 22

Rv Stabilizing Jack Power Twin II 22

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Feature: Ultra-Fab
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Feature: RV Jacks and Levelers > Power Twin II 22 Stabilizing Jack
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The only Rv stabilizer product that lifts, levels and stabilizes all at the same time! Most stabilizers stop side-to-side motion, but only the Power Twin II has a unique extension brace design that stops front-to-back motion as well. Features powerful, 12-volt dual electric motors for independent lifting and leveling, all with the convenient flip of a switch. Or use the convenient remote control (sold separately) for more accurate front-back and side-to-side leveling and lifting. Includes extra large footpads to provide a firm foundation. Fully adaptable to all towable RV frame types. Adds the capacity to lift the trailer with up to 6,000 lb. of rugged power. Each side can be elevated independently or simultaneously. The new 22 model fits low profile travel trailers, 5th wheels and all Class Cs and has 22" of up and down travel. Adjusts from 48" to 77" wide. Model 30 (94-4724) adjusts from 48" to 80" wide and is not for use on Class Cs.

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