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Rv Tote-Along Portable Holding Tank, 15 Gallon
Tote-Along Portable Holding Tank 15 Gallon

Rv Tote-Along Portable Holding Tank, 15 Gallon

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Barker Camper Holding Tank 15 gallon
Part Number: 11-0705
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Feature: 755220117471
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Portable Waste Holding Tanks

5, 10 15, 22 and 30 gallon tanks

These portable waste holding tanks are high-quality, blow molded, polyethylene, complete with heavy-duty wheels, hitch ball tow brackets*,sewer hose*, adapters, caps, and gray water connection hose. Optional travel/storage brackets available.   (* 15, 22, 30 gallon sizes only)

The Tote-along waste water tote tank is perfect when you need to empty your holding tanks but do not want the hassle of unhooking your RV. With the sturdy construction and heavy duty wheels you can tote your waste water to the nearest dump station without ever moving your RV.

This makes is easy to comply with EPA rules for preventing discharge of gray water and waste water.

Barker Tote Along Tanks PPL  Part Numbers are shown below:

  • 30 Gallon - 88-1099
  • 22 Gallon - 20517
  • 15 Gallon - 88-1080
  • 10 Gallon - 88-1078
  • 5 Gallon - 88-1077

The 22 Gallon Tote Tank is one of the most popular among RVers and is specially priced to Save you money.

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