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RV Vent Lid (Replaces Jensen)
RV Vent Lid (Replaces Jensen)

RV Vent Lid (Replaces Jensen)

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RV Vent Lid (Replaces Jensen)
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Impact-resistant polypropylene 14" x 14" standard vent lids for non-powered roof vents come pre-assembled for quick installation. Rigid center post provides added support and durability, UV stabilized. Includes rust resistant galvanized mounting hardware. 1 per box.
Selecting a replacement vent lid involves two steps:

First, determine which of three hinge styles your vent has. Then, select the type of vent: impact-resistant polypropylene or the unbreakable polycarbonate with lifetime warranty.
Vent Lids - Impact Resistant Polypropylene

 Part # 31-4164  Replaces Ventline & new Elixir (since 1994)
 Part # 31-4163  Replaces Old Jensen
 Part # 31-4165  Replaces Old Elixir

Vent Lids - Unbreakable Polycarbonate with Lifetime Warranty

 Part # 31-4167 Replaces Ventline & new Elixir (since 1994)
 Part # 31-4166 Replaces Old Jensen
 Part # 31-4168 Replaces Old Elixir

Vent Lids Feature:

  • UV Stabilized
  • For Non-Powered Roof Vents
  • Quick Installation, Preassembled
  • Rigid Center Post for Added Support & Durability
  • Rust Resistant Galvanized Mounting Hardware
  • 14" x 14" Standard
  • Match Your Hinge

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