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Rv 2 Wheel, 27 Gallon
Smart-Tote 2 Wheel 18 Gallon

Rv 2 Wheel, 27 Gallon

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Thetford's SmartTote Portable Waste Tank
Thetford's SmartTote Portable Waste Tank's brings several innovations together to create a new completely self-contained tote tank that saves time, effort, and hassle. These innovations include a self-storing, always-connected sewer hose, integral tow handles, rinse hose and AutoStop. There are seven models to choose from. Three LX models have 4 wheels and come with a self-storing metal tow handle. Two-wheel models have a molded-in handle. No loose parts to misplace. (The 12 Gallon model does not include the tow handle, PermaStore sewer hose, rinse hose, and AutoStop.)
Check out these premium features:
  • Patented "PermaStore" Sewer Hose stays connected to the bottom of the tank and has a bayonet cap to prevent spills. The 5' hose (replaceable) is stored in a cradle that pivots out for use and snaps back into place for storage.
  • Simply pull hose of the cradle and connect to RV.
  • The AutoStop Level Gauge/Valve stops the flow when the tank is full, preventing messy overfilling.
  • Return the hose into the cradle for transport to the dump station, or for storage when finished.
  • Convenient hose extends to the dump station with no re-connecting or heavy lifting.
  • The self-storing tow handle (4-wheel LX models only) pivots for easy transit and storage. It holds the rinse hose in place when in the stowed position and hooks to ball hitch for towing.

Available Sizes:

Product Number



18 gallon, 4 wheels


27 gallon, 4 wheels


35 gallon, 4 wheels


12 gallon, 2 wheels, w/o hose


18 gallon, 2 wheels


27 gallon, 2 wheels


35 gallon, 2 wheels

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