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Steering Control, 35
Steering Control, 35', 160 lbs., Adjustable

Steering Control, 35", 160 lbs., Adjustable

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Feature: Steering Stabilizer
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While driving on a highway, keeping your car or SUV in the middle of the lane, even after quickly switching lanes, is virtually effortless. But your motorhome is not built with this easy-driving, safety-enhancing feature. That's why you need TruCenter® Steering Control from Blue Ox.

• Convenient push-button activation. Few driving experiences are as unnerving as trying to stay in your lane when there's a buffeting crosswind or uneven pavement. TruCenter® works like a horizontally-mounted shock absorber. Just push and hold the button, adjust the wheel and let go of the button. The system applies the force needed to keep your motorhome on course. Driving becomes fun once again.

• Easy to adjust. When you need to create a new center position, such as if the winds change, simply push and hold the button, get situated in the lane, and let go of the button. The system works with your steering to get you back on track!

• Stay in control in the event of a blowout. If you’ve ever had a front-tire blowout, you know the feeling of your rig veering uncontrollably into harm's way. TruCenter® exerts up to 270 pounds of pressure on your steering, keeping the coach on course so you can stop safely.

• Blue Ox — a name you can trust. Like our other products, TruCenter® is manufactured to the highest industry standards and rigorously tested in real-life situations. It's also easy to install and is transferable. What's more, we back TruCenter® with a two year warranty. Add an additional year by servicing your TruCenter® within the first two years and be covered!

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