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RV Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover 37' 1
RV Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover 37' 1' to 40'

RV Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover 37' 1" to 40'

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Fifth Wheel Cover 37' 1" to 40'
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Tyvek Fifth Wheel Camper Covers        

This fifth wheel camper cover with the Tyvek RV top is the most durable RV cover fabric on the market and is designed for climates with intense sunshine, dust, and snow.

Tyvek RV® is specially engineered to keep out abrasive dirt and dust, so vehicle finishes are less likely to become dull or stained.  Since being resistant to solvents, alkalis, and acids (common problems of bird droppings and acid rain), vehicles are kept clean, reducing the need for washing and waxing.

The fifth wheel Tyvek's® bright white fabric blocks 99.8% of the sun‘s damaging UV rays so that the paint and interior surfaces of leather, fabric, rubber, or vinyl are kept like-new, without fading or cracking.

Tyvek RV® is unique, combining the breathability of a natural fabric with the increased water resistance of a coated fabric.  It will allow trapped moisture to escape from beneath the cover.

These fifth wheel camper covers feature full 1-piece tops and triple seams for durability. A ladder cap reinforces rear panel reducing cover wear over ladder, and a Zipper Entry Door and storage bag is always included free.
Please consult the following chart to find the size that is right for you:

Part Number

Product Measurements


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 23’ 1” to 25’ 6”


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 25’ 7” to 28’


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 28’ 1” to 31’


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 31’ 1” to 34’


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 34’ 1” to 37’


Tyvek Fifth Wheel Cover, 37’ 1” to 40’

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