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Umbrella Holder
Umbrella Holder

Umbrella Holder

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Oak Accent Umbrella Holder
Part Number: 176500
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Feature: 14717434126
Feature: Camco RV
Feature: Home & Garden > Household Supplies > Storage & Organization > Umbrella Stands & Racks
Feature: RV Accessories > Umbrella Holder
Feature 5 9.49
Umbrella Holder
9.25"W x 4.5"D x 7.25"H
Are you tired of searching for your umbrellas? Then check out this handy little umbrella holder. This holder will keep your umbrellas where you can find them on a rainy day. Finished solid hardwood umbrella holder is stylish and mounts to any solid surface. 9.25"W x 4.5"D x 7.25"H.
 BONUS: Includes two umbrellas.

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