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WirthCo Wall Mount II Battery Doc 2 Amp
Battery Charger

WirthCo Wall Mount II Battery Doc 2 Amp

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Battery Charger
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The ideal portable battery charger! State of the art electronic switching charger safely charges and maintains your lead acid/gel cell 12 volt batteries at peak condition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Prevents batteries from self-discharging during storage periods, preventing sulfation (unwanted corrosion) of the battery plates, which leads to reduced battery life-time and performance. Can be left on your battery indefinitely without concern of overcharge. Uses only pennies of electricity per month running continuously. Features reverse polarity battery check and over current limiting. Includes 1.25 amp charger with 6’ output cable lead, 12’ AC input lead cable lead, 3 color LED charge indicator, terminal ring connector with inline fuse, battery clip connector, cigarette plug connector for easy connection and Carrying Case. Charges and maintains batteries from 5 to 200A/hrs while acting as a battery maintainer for batteries up to 400A/hrs.

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